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Exploring cross channel experiences for engineers at trade counters

Creating a seamless experience for engineers using mobile phones, whilst visiting shops, has the potential to reduce downtime costs and thereby add massive value for customers. I interviewed and observed staff and customers, at warehouses and trade counters, to surface pain points and opportunities to support this. The client | A multi national maintenance and electronics distributer Methods |  interviewing, observing Deliverables – photos – … Continue reading Exploring cross channel experiences for engineers at trade counters

Why serendipity is no accident

  Serendipity is about making desirable discoveries. Without it, we wouldn’t have penicillin, the microwave or the post-it note. But can it be quantified? To find out, I went to a workshop on Serendipity In Design, led by Dr Stephann Makri. I’ll be honest. As a rational UX person I thought this was going to be high on the creative fluff spectrum. I couldn’t have … Continue reading Why serendipity is no accident

Jill Edwards’ comedy workshop

Comedy makes communicating most ideas much easier. Hence I find myself in Brighton on a sunny bank holiday Sunday at my first comedy workshop. Jill has taught and been recommended by the best, including Jimmy Carr (quite a funny man according to one attendee). Today we have a few screenwriters, a handful of amateur comedians and a few corporate types, including myself. During the next … Continue reading Jill Edwards’ comedy workshop

The strange parallel world of stock images

This article was originally featured in ‘Your Daughters Will Be Next Blog”. Designers searching for convincing images of women in the workplace may find themselves sifting through an onslaught of contrived, hilarious and downright weird photos of air brushed models pretending to concentrate. Whilst creating a campaign to inspire savvy graduates, we decided to analyse results of searches for women in a range of contexts. … Continue reading The strange parallel world of stock images