Exploring cross channel experiences for engineers at trade counters

Nuneaton_schematic_diagramCreating a seamless experience for engineers using mobile phones, whilst visiting shops, has the potential to reduce downtime costs and thereby add massive value for customers.

I interviewed and observed staff and customers, at warehouses and trade counters, to surface pain points and opportunities to support this.

The client | A multi national maintenance and electronics distributer

Methods |  interviewing, observing

– photos
– summaries
– actions list
– customer visit tool kit for  staff to equip staff
Customers were asked to map how they collaborate at work, to surface service innovation opportunities


Over 40 hours I visited warehouses, work places and trade counters to understand:

  • how engineers and buyers research, evaluate, purchase and use products for work
  • pain points this surfaces
Discussion tools like ecosystem maps surfaced how day to day interactions happen.
Interviews at trade counters, revealed how online to offline experience issues.
Warehouse tours highlighted gaps between how stock availability is communicated between warehouses, the client’s website and systems used by staff.
note book from visit
Brief notes on what people said and did.


  • Where an item isn’t stocked, customers who place order to collect on a Monday are usually disappointed because there’s a communication gap between the website and inventory system. The item doesn’t arrive at the trade counter until Monday evening.
  • Customers complained about how difficult it was to understand what’s available and how much. Staff demonstrated how the basket could be used to understand this, however it wasn’t an obvious route.
Journey maps, surfaced by interviews

Lessons learnt

  • summarising insights using headlines and impactful imagery, helped to atomise and share learnings across several departments

The impact this made

  • Clearer stock messaging was prioritised
  • Communicating  availability sooner in the purchase journey is now a priority

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