App review | Bentley  Inspirator 

I’m not a Bentley fan particularly,  but was interested in finding out how a cult brand would enable a build your own vehicle tool using facial recognition technology. Overall I was entertained and inspired by the content, emotive design cues and structure.

The app took about 10 minutes to download on our slow work broadband.

As the central feature in the app,  activating the facial recognition  and starting the promotional video, is smooth and linear. Clear CTAS, visual feedback and instructions make the difference here.

The facial recognition feature manages to troubleshoot when my face falls out of view, with this simple  visual feedback.

The video itself is appropriately cheesy and over the top, but unassumingly short. It’s stylised and emotive in a way it’s audience would expect it to be.

The camera then analyses facial changes throughout the video and ‘builds’ you a car based on that. Mine is called ‘First Snow’.  Maybe  this is Bentley’s  way of throwing shade on my blank face?!

Anyway the CTAS here help you make a smooth transition to learn about the model or contact a dealer.

Find out more leads me to a chart which is novel but interesting. As you can see my emotions weren’t particularly stirred, but that’s just me probably. The close CTA then helps you get back to learning more about your customised car.

The hub and spoke navigation pattern behind the Explore your creation screen then makes it easy to learn about the design and technology behind the Bentayga

   The layout is simple and bold which lets the details speak for themselves.

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